Teacher Training summary in slideshow

I finally took some time to make a slideshow with pictures from the yoga teacher training. The photos are taken by a mixture of people in the group. Thank you guys for letting me use them!

I couldn´t figure out how to get the music in there but if you have Spotify, this song is hilarious and goes well with the photos. Yoga girl

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Thank you lovely yoga friends for sharing this challenging, intense and transforming expercience with me!


Topanga Earth Day Festival

Today is my last day in LA. I celebrated that by going to Topanga Earth Day festival with Sara Broman and her boyfriend.
A really fun hippie festival that only cost a suggestion of 12 dollars donation.

I went to 5 rhythms and tantric meditation. It was aaaaaaawesome!!!!




I got the most amazing rawfood pizza with eggplant, apples barbeque sauce and cashewcheese, the dough made of flax- and sunflower seeds. Deeeelicious!

TT Reunion

Tonight some of the girls from the teacher training were able to get together for a little catch up night. Aren´t they beautiful?
It was soo nice to see them and share our experiences we´ve had from the training. Yoga is so transforming 🙂






Anti Gravity Yoga

Yesterday I tried out Anti Gravity Yoga. It´s hard to find but they have it at Crunch on Sunset in Hollywood. This was a restorative class where they kept the slings down low.

It was sooo hard and uncomfortable at times. But veery nice in certain poses. Like laying with the whole body in the cocoon, swaying from side to side while the teacher played some psycadelic music. I was in heaven!

I felt sometimes at risk for injuries since the body bends with the sling and doesn´t find stability.

It´s an experience and I´m sure it grows on you. Try it out if you haven´t. But be mindful!

yoga in slings, cocooning

Me tryina do some craziness that the teacher put me into 🙂

Yoga asanas

Tonight me and Katy played around and took some photos in her studio. Good times. I really recommend taking photos and videos of your practice. Your alignment might not look the way you think 😉

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, One leg king pigeon

Natarajasana, Dancer´s pose


My first attempt of Vrschikasana A and B, Scorpion on forearms and hands.
Extremely deep backbend.

Navasana with dear Katy

Live music at Venice Beach

Even though I´ve been enjoying the sun most days, today seemed to be one of these ”omg it´s so nice out let´s go to the beach” days for other people. LA traffic is usually much better on sundays. But not by the beach if the weather is nice.

Today there was some really cool music at the Venice boardwalk.